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Charter Rental with Skipper

Freedom to Explore


  • standard charter 
  • possibility of shorter rental
  • experienced skipper included
  • your personal preferences
  • from 2200€/week

The elementary way of experiencing nautical tourism is the weekly charter rental. Here at Novelty Tours you have at your disposal the superb opportunity to rent a motorboat with an experienced skipper included. The skipper, and our guest support staff, can also provide you prompt and detailed assistance with any additional aspects of your journey - which destinations to choose, what sort of activities are possible to enjoy, where are the top places for food, drinks, nightlife, nature, culture and heritage, land (and private air) transport options -  and any other inquiries you might have.


Apart from the standard weekly charter, in our offer we also include charter options for 2-6 days' rental.

For any further information feel free to contact us further, or check out or daily tours, special one-week excursions, and other cruises.

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