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Frequently Asked Questions

On Bossa Nova 7 passengers are allowed to embark.
Each tour or cruise brings you several different inclusions and many options, depending on whether it is a daily tour, a 7-day cruise, a special tour, or a customized tour according to your preferences. Check out our different tour categories for further information or contact us directly for any other details you would like to know!
Payments done by bank transfer, credit card (online or in-person) and cash payments are accepted.
Novelty Tours provides the standardized charter rental option which is common in nautical tourism in the Adriatic, specifically with that option the boat will be crewed by an experienced skipper and you may embark and depart on your wonderful nautical vacation going wherever you would like to venture out in the beautiful sea of the Croatian coastline. If you are interested in a specially planned Cruise lasting 7 days with a carefully designed itinerary which will allow you to experience all the magnificent aspects of the Adriatic nautical vacation, Novelty Tours can provide you with unique 7-day Cruises, in three different zones: the Central (Šibenik Archipelago), the North (Zadar region and Kornati), and the South (Brač, Hvar, Šolta & other islands).
With Novelty Tours all of the Adriatic is within your reach. Other than a great ensemble of Daily Tours & Weekly Cruises, Special Tour options, and the standard Charter rental, Novelty Tours can provide you with some other services like the Boat Taxi Transportation and many more specific arrangements which you require or would benefit from, during your vacation - i.e. accommodation reservations, land travel guidance, & many more.