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Zlarin is a small undiscovered jewel of our coast that is distinguished by its pristine nature and exceptionally rich historical and cultural heritage - the island is a combination of untouched nature, rich tradition, hospitable people and attractive offers.

The island of Zlarin is known as a green island.  A union of nature guarding the soul of the Mediterranean, together with olives, the sea and green forests; it is a perfect place for being at one with nature and learning about its incredible power. Because motorcars are forbidden, you can really enjoy nature in its purity.

Here you can enjoy the most beautiful pebbled beaches, which are naturally protected from the wind sand are surrounded by crystal clear sea. Here you can feel pleasant sand under your feet as soon as you step into the seawater. Moreover, there are some ‘wild’ beaches, which will be liked by those who are fond of peace and solitude.

The incredibly mesmerising small islet of Dvainka, located just to the southeast of Zlarin, offers visitors a serene escape surrounded by natural beauty and with ample privacy.

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