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The Croatian Coastline

Considered by many as one of the best summer destinations in the world, the Croatian coastline is, in a word, fantastic.

Consisting of an incredible number of islands, its pristinely clean and crystal clear coastal waters are surrounded by a bright blue sky full of sunshine which gleams on the endlessly tree tops of the Mediterranean pine trees.

The architecture and the culture of the coastline is known worldwide, and its particular beauty is often used as a perfect setting for the sets of many world-class films and TV shows.

The passionately serene people will welcome you and make you feel comfortable as if being in your own home town, with an approachable and communicative nature of the coastline folk.

Another very well known aspect of the attractive nature of the Coast is the local produce - the quality and the taste of local food is exceptional, as is the professional skill of the people preparing it for you.

And to enjoy the complete summer vibe, there are numerous beach bars, lounges and taverns, clubs and festivals to swirl your energy in a most exquisite way, the Croatian Adriatic coastine music scene and its nightlife are exceptional all summer long.

Specifically, the Šibenik archipelago is quite likely the very best of the whole excellent Adriatic coast. Situated between Zadar and Biograd to the northwest, and Split to the southeast, the Šibenik coastal area is perfectly located for any short road trip to explore further, but has so much to offer. Numerous cultural and historical attractions, countless bays and beaches, perfectly clear sea, mesmerising islands and peninsulas, dreamlike pine-forests and ancient and soothing coastal rocks - all the natural perfect ambience possible to imagine. To top it of, all summer long there are many festivals and coastal nightlife events in the local area and beyond.

By arriving here your choice of destination is excellent and you can choose to enrich your experience even more, by booking a boat tour with Novelty Tours!

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