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The Vodice Party

Feel the Vibes and Enjoy the Nightlife


  • party cruise from Solaris to Brodarica & Krapanj
  • swimming at Zlarin bays
  • snorkelling and paddleboarding
  • a full party coastal cruise to Srima, Vodice & Tribunj
  • night out at a Vodice nightclub
  • transport back to your accomodation
  • from 1380€

(Included: on-board catering (bottled water & snacks), paddleboarding gear, snorkeling gear, fresh cocktail juices onboard, welcome drinks at the bar, nightclub entry fees, taxi transport)

Embark on a party cruise along the Šibenik coastline, cruising towards Brodarica and Krapanj Island, dropping anchor in one of the mesmerising Zlarin bays, then continue to the central party area of the Adriatic coastline in Vodice, upon finishing the journey you are destined to have a phenomenal night out in the beach bars & nightclubs of Vodice along with the transport back to your accommodation.

Embark on an all-encompassing journey of exploring both the day and night of the Adriatic coast and the coastal towns of Vodice and Tribunj. Starting the voyage with the summer vibes of swimming and sunbathing in the turquoise crystal waters of the archipelago, enjoy the wonders of snorkelling and the chill atmosphere while paddleboarding around a mesmerising island bay; refresh your energy with included snacks and complimentary drinks, before venturing further to relax and enjoy at a coastal bar. Afterwards, inspire yourself with a traditional dinner created by gourmet professionals and prepare for a fantastic care-free evening enjoying one best summer nightlife scenes in the Mediterranean, including welcome drinks, transport to the clubs, organized reservations and transport back to your lodgings.

Feel like partying? Here is a choice to experience socialising and enjoying the good summer vibes on a motorboat cruise, combining the sea & sun fun of swimming and sunbathing in the perfect afternoon glaze with relaxing at an attractive bar before embarking on a sunset cocktail party, cruising the evening through the archipelago with the sound of good music in the shine of the setting sun. Explore one of the main party scenes of the Adriatic, the coastal town of Vodice, or venture out for some evening fun to less explored areas like Tribunj and Krapanj.




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Novelty Tours can provide you with your own private exploration of the Adriatic coastline and exquisite party vibes at the Vodice coast. Contact us directly for booking & scheduling options.

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