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Easy-going Žirje

Explore Three Islands In One Day


  • A breakfast cruise to Zmajan
  • anchoring and swimming with lunch
  • island exploration at Obonjan
  • bay swimming and sunbathing at Žirje
  • dinner cruise back to Solaris
  • from 980€


 (Included: bottled water, snacks, breakfast, on-board catering, paddleboarding gear, snorkeling gear, mooring cost)

In itself this is an relaxing and easy-going boat trip through the Šibenik Archipelago; embark on this journey by having a delightful breakfast while cruising comfortably around Zlarin island, and its islets, onwards towards Zmajan, the Dragon island - where you can enjoy swimming in the pristinely clean sea, in a more private setting. Enjoy a fairy-tale experience of swimming and basking in the sunlight before venturing further to Obonjan, a picturesque Island offering both yoga and meditation as well as beach bar chilling lounges. Thereafter continue to Žirje, to a most magical bay awaits for your arrival with pristine waters, evergreen pine trees and a fabulous restarant tavern where you can enjoy a very tasty lunch. Needless to say, the produce is authentic, local, and of the highest quality. As you start to cruise back, compliment yourself and your friends/family with a locally picked freshly made gourmet sunset dinner.

Join us on a cruise through the heavenly Sibenik islands, combining the sweet well-being from enjoying the benefits of the fantastic sea while swimming and sunbathing in the perfect Adriatic morning magic or the golden afternoon sun, with a lunch (or dinner) at one of the best coastal taverns in the area, serving fresh food of a traditionally high quality. Explore the magical Zirje for an experience of a lifetime.

The Easy Going Cruise is a perfect choice for exploring the phenomenal sea of the archipelago area and to enjoy its natural beauty with swimming and sunbathing, but also paddleboarding and snorkelling the wonderful coastline, whether while venturing out to the bays of Zlarin island and its isles, or at Zmajan, Obonjan and Žirje.



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